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Special Event Videography

We provide multicamera shoots of live events for businesses, theaters, schools, dance studios and more. Whether your event is a meeting, a conference, a musical, a dramatic play, a concert or a dance recital, we take great care in the shooting, editing and sound of your production. With over 17 years of experience we can capture your event just how you want it.

We offer DVDs with custom designed covers and menus featuring scene selection. Extra features can also be included such as galleries of photos, bonus videos, and more. Video and audio can also be provided for various uses such as online presentation or distribution on other media.

Some of the organizations we've videotaped productions for are Oxford Academy, Musical Theatre Academy of Orange County, The Oakland Center for the Arts, Salem Community Theatre, Canfield High School, Heartland Christian School, The Victorian Players, and The Youngstown Playhouse.

Pricing for organizations making the DVD available for sale to members, families and related parties:

We do not charge an initial fee to come out and record your event. This makes it easy for an organization to get a professional recording of their event with no upfront expense.

We only require an agreement upon a minimum number of orders at an agreed upon price usually based on length of the event (for example 20 DVDs at $20.00 each). Pricing is negotiable depending ont he specifics of your event.

Community and professional theaters must obtain permission from the copyright holder if necessary.

Pricing for organizations needing the event recorded but will not be making the video for sale are done at an hourly production rate. Each organization's needs are different so contact us to explain your event and see how we can serve you best.

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