Live Event Video

We  provide multicamera shoots of live events for businesses, theaters, schools, dance  studios and more. Whether your event is a meeting, a conference, or a performance, we take great care in the shooting, editing and sound of your production. With over 17 years of experience we can capture your event just how you want it.

NetObjects Fusion Essentials
NetObjects Fusion Essentials
NetObjects Fusion Essentials

We offer digital downloads and DVDs with custom designed covers and menus featuring scene selection. Extra features can also be included such as photo galleries, bonus videos, and more

Pricing for organizations making the DVD available for sale to members, families and related parties:

bullet We do not charge an initial fee to come out and record your event. This makes it easy for an organization to get a professional recording of their event with no upfront expense.

bullet We only require an agreement upon a minimum number of orders at an agreed upon price usually based on length of the event (for example 20 DVDs at $20.00 each). Pricing is negotiable depending on the specifics of your event.

Pricing for organizations needing the event recorded but will not be making the video for sale are done at an hourly production rate. Each organization's needs are different so contact us to explain your event and see how we can serve you best.