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Film to DVD Transfers

We can take your Super 8 and regular 8mm film reels and transfer them to DVD or other format for use online. Not only does this make your precious family memories easier to enjoy, but preserves them for future generations. Our DVD's have chapter menus and we can add the background music of your choice. Film deteriorates over time so preserve your precious family memories before they're gone.

Pricing and information:

Transfer of film to video is charged at 12 cents per foot. $6.00 per 50 foot reel (These are the most common and measure about 3 inches across. Reels also came in 200 foot and 400 foot reels. Minimum charge of $30.00. We automatically include 2 DVD copies.

Additional DVD copies are $15.00 each

For Super 8 film with sound there is an additional flat charge of 5 cents per foot.

Background music added for no extra charge.

No charge for repairs.


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